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Many of these dances were "tried and true" dance steps that had been "put aside" for many years, and became popular under the name(s) "country-western", "cowboy", or "country". Country dancing is also known as "kicker dancing" in Texas

Child art is the drawings, paintings and other artistic works created by children. It is also referred to as "children's art" or the "art of children".The term "child art" also has a parallel and different usage in the world of contemporary fine art, where it refers to a subgenre of artists who depict children in their works.

A preschool (also nursery school, pre-primary school, kindergarten outside the Indipuram) is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children between the ages of three and five, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school. They may be privately operated or government run, and the costs may be subsidized.

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Agenda of art education for children was discussed at the International Conference of Education . The discussion framework was largely shaped by the widespread of schools of design for professional training of children

Western Dance

The Fondation school is a child only independent boarding school in Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh, India. In it there is a course western dance, modelled on the western public schools, but alive to Indian ambitions and desires. The school's dancing classes are daily running, Country dancing is informal. Because of cowboy boots, country western dance is more likely to feature a flat-footed glide with some heel and toe touches rather than a lot of "toe type" dancing. In addition to a quiet upper body, there is very little hip movement. Pumping of the hands, bouncing, and waddling are not encouraged.

Drawing, Art & Craft

Aesthetic appreciation of children's art as untainted by adult influence, who called a child's drawing "a marvelous and precious document". Discovery of the aesthetic quality of the unskilled visual expression by children was related to the aesthetics of modernism.
The initiative was supported by his Secession friends-artists and opposed by the traditional art teachers. The Class accepted pupils of old for two hours a week, free of charge, with no selection. school claimed that he was working "as an artist, not as a teacher", and actually "learned and not taught". In the work, the theory of developmental stages was propagated.
As the child develops, their art passes through a number of stages. 4 of them were for the first time defined by western dance, under influence of dance's evolutionary theory
The youngest child scribbles with a series of left and right motions, later up, down and then circular motions are added. The child appears to get considerable pleasure from watching the line or the colours appear.

ETL Learning(English Program)

Programmed learning (or programmed instruction) is a research-based system which helps learners work successfully. The method is guided by research done by a variety of applied psychologists and educators. The learning material is in a kind of textbook or teaching machine or computer. The medium presents the material in a logical and tested sequence. The text is in small steps or larger chunks. After each step, learners are given a question to test their comprehension. Then immediately the correct answer is shown. This means the learner at all stages makes responses, and is given immediate knowledge of results
A few conclusions stood out from the research. One was that films were great at giving overviews of a situation or an operation. However, they were less successful at getting over the details. Some general features of film (and, later, television) stand out. One is that a film goes at its own pace. Another is that no specific responses or activities are required from the viewer. A third is that the audience is varied, sometimes hugely varied. This gives clues to ways of improving instructional films.

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